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((Open Rp. Be Him, His Name Is Jay And Hers Is Alex)) "Alex!" i hear him yell from behind me. i hadn't seen him for 2 weeks "JAY" i screech i run and jump in his arms. he catches me and falls forward. "I missed you." i whisper with a wide smile. "I missed you t-" he says and i cut him off with a kiss ((Story Credit To: @rainbowfaggot))

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Well I guess u aint gonna talk to me today either. I love you babe talk to me when u can I guess you've been busy

I would really LOOOOOVEE to take a photo like this with my boyfriend it would be perfect! <3 Pisces Men In Love, Pisces Man, Romantic Couples, Cute Couples, Man In Love, Love Is All, Engagement Photo Inspiration, Engagement Photos, Wedding Hands

He's the last of the zodiac signs- what's he all about? Find out everything you need to know about a Pisces man in love!