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four different hot air balloons are shown in various colors and shapes, each with a heart on them
Arise and Shine: Hot Air Balloons
Paper mache a balloon, pop the balloon, add string and a basket for spring class crafts. Could go great as a bulletin board theme (Kid's Soaring to New Heights in Reading...)
a person is holding up a paper clay ball with the words how to make paper clay on it
How to make Paper Clay
Paperclay recipe that I'm going to try soon. I'll comment on the results. I want to try the paperclay pendants!
two people sitting at a table making cakes
Paper Mache Bowls, one of my favorite crafts when I was a kid!
the diagram shows how to draw an object with different angles and sizes, as well as measurements
Wire doll armature
a white doll sitting on top of a couch next to a tape dispenser
A fantastic tutorial in making a papier mache doll, shows where you´ve ususally got problem , arm and feet. Love it Clase magistral paper clay doll
a white mannequin sitting on top of a wire basket with scissors in it
Art Doll in progess
Think this is clay and wire, but could be made w/paper mache with wire base.
a person pouring water into a metal bowl
Paper Mache 101: Easy Recipes & Simple Tips For Best Results
Paper Mache paste recipe: (2 parts flour to 3 parts water.) Mix 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cups water. 1/4 tbs. salt for mold prevention and/or 2 tbs. white glue for strength optional.