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President's policies hurting our military?: Former Navy SEAL Team 6 member and Montana Sen. Ryan Zinke explains.

For the first time, both Zimmerman and his attorney, Mark O'Mara, discuss what happened the night of that tragic shooting.

President Obama finally found the courage to take questions from members of the White House Press Corp. Karl Rove gives his opinions on the event.

RNC chair Reince Priebus has emerged as the unapologetic defender of his party. With the Left throwing one low blow after another, it is Priebus who is firing back at these gutter politics.

Voter enthusiasm is surging, donations are pouring in, and thousands of Romney-Ryan supporters flocked to campaign events. We see Ann Coulter's response to Romney's decision and more.

Sean Hannity is joined by Joe Lieberman, and looks back at his Vice Presidential nomination with Al Gore for the 2000 election.

Bill Burton, Priorities USA Action Senior Strategist, says their ad is not meant to suggest that Romney is responsible for a woman's death. So what is it meant to suggest then?