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Air Liquide Logo

Air Liquide Logo

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Citgo Logo PNG Citgo is an American petroleum corporation, which was established in 1910 in Oklahoma. The company specializes in both the production and transportation of gas and oil and is a part of Petroleos de Venezuela Group. Meaning and history The name of the company, Citgo, was generated by the computer after the company decided to change its original name — Cities Service. It is, probably, one of the most successful naming stories ever. 1927 – 1965 The very first badge for Citgo was…

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Glencore Logo PNG Glencore International AG is a Swiss public company, one of the world’s largest crude oil traders. It is also a recognized supplier of natural energy resources and rare earth materials. The company was founded in April 1974 in the Swiss town of Baar specializing at the outset in crude oil and minerals marketing. In 2008, its year turnover reached a level of 152 billion US dollars, while the net income was 4, 75 billion US dollars. The logo and its meaning The Glencore logo…

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Pemex Logo PNG Pemex is a Mexican public company operating in the oil and gas sector as well as in the petrochemical industry. It was founded in 1938 in the city of Mexico by Lazaro Cardenas, who served as the President of Mexico from 1934 to 1940. Cardenas created the company by nationalizing the country’s oil industry and through the expropriation of all Mexican and foreign oil firms operating at that time in Mexico. In almost 80 years since its creation, Pemex managed to become one of the…

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Enel Logo PNG Enel is a transnational company operating in the sector of the production and distribution of electricity and natural gas. Enel is an abbreviation for “Ente nazionale per l’energia elettrica” which in Italian means State institution for electric power. It was founded as a state-owned enterprise in Italy in 1962. In 1999 in the wake of the liberalization of the Italian electricity market, the company became private with some state participation. By 2014, the company’s year…

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Vattenfall Logo PNG Vattenfall is an international power state-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Solna, Sweden. It was founded in 1909 under the name “Kungliga Vattenfallstyrelsen” (Royal Waterfall Board). Until the mid-1970s, the company specialized in the generation of hydroelectric power and was limiting its business to Sweden. Its current name, Vattenfall AB the company received in 1992 after which it experienced a period of considerable development and expansion of the…

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Zippo Logo PNG Zippo is an iconic American label of lighters manufacturer, which was founded in 1932 by George Blaisdell. Today it is the most popular name of lighters across the globe, in which visual identity is instantly recognizable. Meaning and history 1933 – 1955 The first Zippo lighter was manufactured in early 1933, while Zippo Manufacturing Company was founded a bit earlier, in 1932. The original Zippo logo had a totally austere style. To begin with, there was nothing but the name…

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Total Logo PNG Total is a petroleum company, established in 1924 in France, one of the world’s leaders in the industry, and a part of the “Supermajor” list of energy corporations. Meaning and history The visual identity of the famous fuel company has undergone several major redesigns throughout the years and turned into a stylish and modern logo, which could easily be pictured as an emblem of a mass-market cosmetics or sports brand. 1954 – 1955 The original Total logo was introduced in 1954…

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Petronas Logo PNG Petronas is a state-owned petroleum company, established in Malaysia in 1974, which is in the global Fortune 500 ranking as one of the biggest gas and oil companies across the globe. Meaning and history 1974 According to the company, the shape of the Petronas logo represents “metaphoric and alpha glyphic nuances of an oil drop.” In addition to the oil drop, the emblem also symbolizes the letter “P” (the initial of the company’s name). The glyph is formed by the left side of…

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Pennzoil Logo PNG Pennzoil is an oil company established in 1913 in Los Angeles, USA. Actually, its history started a bit earlier, when in 1889 South Pen Oil Co., which was an affiliated company of John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, started commercial oil production in Pennsylvania. Almost half a century later, in 1960, the firm was transformed into Penn’s Oil and in 1963 it received its name, “Pennzoil”. In the seventies, the headquarters of the newly named company moved from Pennsylvania to…