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"Beautiful sheep - this is where wonderful wool comes from, instead of petroleum which is where acrylic yarn comes from" #KnittingGuru.  Photo from Teeswaterewes

Teeswater Sheep - photo courtesy of the Teeswater Sheep Breeders Association, via Britannic Rare Breeds; These sheep have an off-white face, dark brown markings around the nose and eyes, and a curly, silky and lustrous creamy white wool.

Wallachian sheep - Animal picture of the Day - 1-10-2011 from Ulrich Iffland

darkness-and-frost: “meditategravitate: “ expecttheunexpectedtoday: “ expecttheunexpectedtoday Coarse Wool Wallachian Sheep / Romania Photo: Ulrich Iffland ” LOOK AT THIS SHEEP ” elliosis nice haircut.

Boreray - Rare Britannic Sheep breed

The Boreray is a breed of sheep originating on the St Kilda archipelago off the west coast of Scotland and surviving as a feral animal on one of the islands, Boreray.