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Barred muscovy duckling, almost two months old. July 3rd 2016

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I wouldn't say this summer was the perfect summer for tomatoes - but eventually, they have started to ripen! September 11th 2015

Our new ducks have to wait in a cage a few days until they can move to their permanent home. October 2015

These two muscovy drakes will both be partnered up with two or three beautiful girls - and hopefully father lots of ducklings next summer! (The cage is just for a short period, I normally don't keep birds caged like this!)

Our new Orpington Ducks. October 17th 2015

Ducks. Buff Orpingtons and Khaki Campbells. November 15th 2015

Three Buff Orpingtons from the left. Khaki Campbells (just the heads) to the right... November 15th 2015

Sambucus nigra. Berries. November 15th 2015

Ilex. Holly. They self seed and grow vigorously in our garden, orchard and forest. November 15th 2015

Five of our muscovy ducks have found a new place to spend their nights - on grandmother and grandfather's roof!! December 26th 2015.

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