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there is a vase with flowers on top of the table next to two framed pictures
Scandinavian apartment with refined decoration
a living room filled with white bookshelves next to a couch and painting on the wall
Vallhallavägen - Platsbyggd förvaring från Himlekök
the garden is full of colorful flowers and plants in front of an old house with stone chimneys
Luscious loves: Beautiful houses and gardens - Part 2
a large house surrounded by lots of flowers and greenery in front of the house
Old Rectory, Northamptonshire, UK, The Rectory belongs to Castle Ashby Estate and is once where the vicar lived for the Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene which stands near the main house by Clive Nichols
an old building with trees and water in the foreground, surrounded by stone steps
This Couple's Tropical Garden-Themed Wedding Took Place on the Grounds of the Vizcaya Museum in Miami
an outdoor area with arches and flowers in the foreground, mountains in the background
َ on Twitter
two books are sitting on a shelf in front of some framed pictures and a painting
Welcome | Joelle Somero
there are many pictures and paintings on the ground together in front of a storefront
bruwho: @louvills Style pics – Audrey Olson style
several framed pictures hang on the wall next to a dresser with vases and books
Five Things Friday — Light and Dwell